Building Construction

Building Construction

Building Construction Update


As of September of 2021, we have finally received all the required permits to begin breaking ground on our new building. For the next several months, expect several changes as we move forward with construction. 

First, the building will more adequately house our growing congregation. The expected seating capacity will be over 500, and will provide additional restroom facilities and parking that were constrained in our current auditorium. The new seating will provide ample space for visitors to comfortably attend, and better accommodate a growing community as well. 

Secondly, due to the layout and location of the new construction, our parking will be temporarily affected. Please try to carpool as best you can, and utilize the parking spots designated in the grass as appropriate. For extremely busy services, we will offer shuttle services to offsite parking if necessary. 

Finally, thank you. This is a work that was encouraged by you, sponsored by you, and happening because of you. The kingdom of God continues to grow because of your influence, and the building is just a reflection of the work being done in the communities around our church. We are excited to grow together, and with God's blessing pray for the continued success of His church.